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Slik Pillow

Slik Silk Pillowcases

Why  Slik

Created by award-winning hair stylist Safiya Alboen, Slik Silk Pillowcases offer the finest quality silk for a truly restorative beauty sleep. Our 100% natural and hypoallergenic silk pillowcases are made from 25 momme pure mulberry silk.


Made from 25 momme pure mulberry silk. The highest grade silk available.

Hair Care

Decreases bedhead and reduces frizz and breakage to help achieve your hair goals.

Skin Care

Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines to help you acheive a flawless complexion.

Get your Slik Silk Pillowcase today

$75 $59.99

This product is the highest quality silk available. It can truly transform your hair.

— Charlotte M

Highest quality silk to ensure the best quality silk for your hair. 

Several colours to choose from.

Limited Quantity Available

Order now before they sell out. These silk pillowcases will take your hair to the next level. This is one hair product you cannot live without.


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